Some Photos

From my travels...
Featured Turtles

Costa Rica

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Featured Sloth

Panama (Panaa-Manaa)

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The DR Featured Sunset

The DR

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Sunset Over Castillo de San Cristóbal

Puerto Rico

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Another Key West Sunset

Florida Keys

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A National Guitar

New Orleans

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Robert Johnson's Deal with the Devil

The Mississippi Delta

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Yosemite Mirror Lake

From Yosemite to Death Valley

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Love SF

Going To San Francisco

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Gasworks Park to Lake Union

Seattle Sights

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Across Canada

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A New England Beach Sunset

New England

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Statue of Liberty from Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn, NY

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A London Skyline

Exploring England

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Cape Town – South Africa

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Can be found somewhere in the Americas

Taking the Long Way Home

These are just a few photos from my travels that I have gotten around to sharing as time permits. Let me know if you like them!